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tears of a lion

April 27, 2011
By brenda27 GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
brenda27 GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
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I lived a good life one full with joy but my time is gone. The moment paused, my existence burned to ashes. What`s left of me in scrap books my life in a jar. They cry tears of a lion, because that’s what I see. Once they were brave enough to take my life and now they play the game of victims knowing I’m gone. So this is what happened that night, the time my life was taken from me and turned into nothing. I sat on the streets crying for him to come back. My mind exploding my eyes blood shot and my memory in the dark. I walked home trembling of the cold that blew through my dress telling me run and don’t turn. Foreshadowing what’s to come. I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me back I tried to run but they held me back. I cried in pain as they stole what I had left. I was left in the street nowhere to be seen. So they left like I was a piece of paper floating in the wind. I called their names. Screaming of shame but not one glance or even a word instead they left. Not caring if I had a chance to life once again.

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