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I Can't

April 22, 2011
By RC_of_emotions GOLD, Star City, Arkansas
RC_of_emotions GOLD, Star City, Arkansas
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I wanna move on, but every time I try i seem to get down. All the times we've spent together come to mind. All my fantasies dealing with you come to mind. Why did I have to hold out so long? Now it seems as if we can't go together. I wanna wait, but I want you to wait. I can't stand seeing you with someone else not to mention thinking about you being with someone else. I think I just figured out that I just wanna have friends, not date. Now how to explain this to everyone who's trying to get me out in the dating world, I really don't know. How to stop flirting with another person, I don't know. I just feel lost in all of this. I have to face the facts, I CAN'T MOVE ON.

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