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As Time Goes By

April 5, 2011
By EnigmaCalaway SILVER, Nottingham, Maryland
EnigmaCalaway SILVER, Nottingham, Maryland
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Every second I'm away from you hurts
It's another second I can't see your face,
Hear your voice,
Or read your words.

Every minute I'm away from you is worse,
An aching begins in my chest,
Longing to hear you, to see you,
A wish most often going unanswered.

Every hour that goes by,
I wish I was dead,
There is now a large hole in my chest,
The size that my heart used to be.

But every second I'm talking to you,
A new happiness is born.
To hear your voice, or read your words,
Is an amazing sanctuary.

And every minute I'm talking to you,
The feeling grows
Of love, and happiness,
And I pray that I don't have to be without you again.

And every hour I'm talking to you,
Is heaven.
Nothing can be better,
Nothing ever will be better...

The author's comments:
You can probably guess what inspired me to write this...

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