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A heart (revised)

April 13, 2011
By Kaneeshamai Wilson GOLD, Washington DC, Texas
Kaneeshamai Wilson GOLD, Washington DC, Texas
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A heart is like a flimsy plastic sack
of the cheap grocery variety
could easily strangle a small child
or end up in a landfill
or get caught on the phone lines
A heart is just a blank page
In an old forgotten diary
locked shut
Soaking up my pain
ragged with words
left on my bookshelf
while i go to school
A heart is an imaginery friend
that plays hopscotch
somewhere in my head
making it difficult to remember
important things
Mine is a tiny star The one you can only see when the clouds split open far far away
out of reach
pretty and sparkly and full of fire
A heart is a million things
In a millions pieces
Cut up and hidden out there
In lost and found
Caught on a phone line, buried, lost, splintered, far away
Calling for me
A whisper carried in the wind
That I can barely hear

A heart could be anything
One of those silly dreams
Like the rabbit in the hat
A magic trick
A heart could not exist
A heart could be nothing at all.

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on Sep. 2 2011 at 8:25 pm
I love you babe. Your poems are so beautiful