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Take a second to think then act

April 18, 2011
By ayayareohen BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
ayayareohen BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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Dreams are ment to be broken until you make your dream into a reality

Life is full of temptations and teases, its not the temptations or teases that we are presented with that matter, what we do when the temptation arises, life is a one of a kind experience that you cant just say I will have the same life twice, live life to the fullest even when your down find something or anything that will bring a smile across your face, the world is huge massive, yet we are smaller then a thumbtack next to the world and we are making a really big impact bad one, sometimes thoughts go through my mind about life and the world like we are what we live on everything that mother nature made breaths, life is a breath of fresh air that opens the mind to another world, the first world is dreams, dreams are a world in its self, with out dreams your desire wont happen unless you make your dreams into a reality, reality and dreams what’s the difference? the difference is a big one you cant have one with out the other because dreams are meant to be broken until you make them into a reality

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