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Take a second

April 18, 2011
By ayayareohen BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
ayayareohen BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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Dreams are ment to be broken until you make your dream into a reality

Everyone has a story to tell a past that they have lived, a place they are from, sometimes the past is a lot harder then the future, other times the future is harder then the past, yet you cant escape from your past or the future, the future is full of unknown possibility’s one choice or opportunity could change your future in a good or bad way, that way will never be known until your future is reached which then you will see if you have made difference in the world the smallest of differences can go along way, if you have a chance to make a difference in the world a good difference then follow through, if you have always had a childhood dream then make that childhood dream come true, my dream is to help people and give back, that’s my dream, the best part of life is getting a second chance to do the one thing you have always wanted to do the one thing you love, the people we love & care about with the passions we have keeps are minds sane, without something to do or live for are minds have a chance to wonder into the darkness of night with out marking a way to get out of the darkness.

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