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A Single Second Chance

March 25, 2011
By Boolovesyou SILVER, Christiansburg, Virginia
Boolovesyou SILVER, Christiansburg, Virginia
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Light screams from your eyes,
a bittersweet pain.
I stare awhile,stunned,
unable to speak.
A single flake of snow
lands on your lip.
A single tear slips.
You turn away.
I can see your hands clenched,
as you walk away.
This, a moment I will not forget.
A single moment.
That changed my life.
My downfall.
Words in my head collide,
like two trains destine for hell.
What is there without you?
Wait! I yell,
my tears falling for you.
You turn,
and look back at me.
A single second chance.

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