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An Amity Split in Two

March 17, 2011
By ckycky22 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
ckycky22 GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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Time is the essence of success, failure, love, hate, and change
Change is always happening, for better, for worse, to family, to friends
Friends will always be remembered for being worthy, slipshod, malevolent, respected

Change has happened over time.
If only this, if only that, nothing can be done now.
Memories of being attached every waking moment.
Confessions of guilt, forgiveness of doubt.
Comprehension of every word said until unable to speak.
Two minds wrapped around each other as if the same person.
Time takes it's toll,
Peers that could tell him no wrong,
An ego too colossal to accept defeat.
A conquest to forge a wall of self-assurance to protect from truth.
Nobody is perfect.
Patience, hoping all would revert back,
Disappointment as innovation arose in clear sight,
As easy to notice as rain crashing on the sidewalk.
To much time has befallen,
to liberate my patron from this rueful future.
Friends will always be remembered.
Even if undesired.

The author's comments:
I think everyone has had an old friend that has left them for some reason or another, this is one of those unwanted occurrences

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