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Some Call It Crazy

March 18, 2011
By hannie BRONZE, Cincinnati (Madeira), Ohio
hannie BRONZE, Cincinnati (Madeira), Ohio
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I love the way the purple pen’s ballpoint rolls
Streaking gibberish down these notebook lines
Lines randomly twist in my mind
I am certain they form words and pictures
And assured that they make sense
That I am not crazy
That these thoughts are meaningful
And yet, this purple pen would say otherwise
It’s seen more than its fair share of my mind
And it might take a while to persuade it that I’m not insane
But I’ll have to convince myself of that first

The author's comments:
Writing and doodling are emotional releases for many, and the product of this catharsis may seem a bit odd to those peering over your shoulder. Trust me, it's anything but gibberish.

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