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LEarning Who I Am

February 8, 2011
By TheSpiritOfMe GOLD, Fort Waynee, Indiana
TheSpiritOfMe GOLD, Fort Waynee, Indiana
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Well this is basically about my life experiences, where i'm going, and what i'm going to do. It tells everything i want you to know, and nothing more then you could imagine. If you've got problem just deal with it dude, ain't nothing you say ever gonna bring me down. After all these years, i'm still standing strong. It hasn't been forever, but it has sure been long. I know i'm still young, and everything should be great. I'm taking life day by day, and making my self the best i can make. I have no regrets; for they have made me who i am. I may be standing alone, but here i still stand. I have fallen many times, and cried for the end. But i know now who i am, and this will never be the end. Through my eyes i see the world, and change it as i will, but it seems like when i am running the whole world is standing still. The walls may be shaking, but i am not swaying. Holding n too tight, probably, but i will never let go. I'm pushing through life with the words of my heart, nothing will ever tear me apart. Call me a bitch, say i am a whore, no matter what you say, it affects me no more. For you haven't lived my life, you don't know what I've seen. So i invite you to learn a little about me. I have these dark brown eyes that sit delicately on my face. These small lips of mine seem grandly out of place. I wear baggy sweats and hoodies to cover my arms. I know you may see, may see all these scars. For i wear them on the outside, no need for them to hide. I won't sacrifice myself to the demons who lurk in my mind. My legs are long and my torso small, but never will you see me obsessing over something small. I know my place i know my role, i'll never fear walking out the door. You don't know me, and i don't now you. Everything i see is in shades of blue. I've opened my eyes to see how i was blind, and i now understood what lies inside. So now i wish you good luck to figure out me, but trust me on this, it won't be easy.

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