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White Flag

February 8, 2011
By Graceless91 PLATINUM, Seekonk, Massachusetts
Graceless91 PLATINUM, Seekonk, Massachusetts
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"you can never fully love someone until you love yourself first"

Flames flicker and illuminate the night.
Sparks dance along the edge.
I can see your blue eyes so clearly as I lean into you
I can never imagine not having you close and I kiss you
We talk about upcoming fairs and summer nights
Being able to do all that we want now that school
Is done for months..for me anyway.
I sit on your lap loving the closeness and
You wrap your arms around me, pulling me even closer.
On nights like this I see our future so clearly.
So in love.
Then suddenly it isn’t the same
Something in the atmosphere changes.
You change.
The closeness is suffocating.
Your saying words I don’t want to listen to.
Words that sting, and cut invisible slashes that will forever remain.
Your breaking our whole world, my whole world to pieces.
I move away from your cruelness.
Trying to escape from this real life nightmare.
Thinking that maybe if I am far away enough from the words
That they wont be true.
Instead you follow me
Thinking that it was a surrender.
But you should know me better.
I never will wave that white flag when it comes to you.

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