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Feelings I Cannot Erase

February 8, 2011
By Natherine PLATINUM, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Natherine PLATINUM, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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Cant stop this brain from wondering
Cant stop it from analyzing
Cant stop this heart from beating
Its an impossible feeling
To feel so lost
And tell everyone your happy
Perplexed emotions have me that
I cant comprehend the world around me
Your lack of feeling astonishes me
Leaves me befuddled
Prying for the truth from within you
So honestly what do I do now?
My future is a black blur
Once filled with happiness thanks to you
Big words wont change the fact that I don’t understand
What did I do?
Why did everything go so wrong?
My life gone awry
Leaving me to a lonesome present and future
Is this my destiny?
To lose all I love eventually?
Making me regret every lie
And every truth not said to you
Sometimes I wonder
Am I the only one you’ve said those words to?
The only one you’ve loved?
Was I truly once all you cared for?
Did you really plan to create a future with me?
Two different worlds
Two different people
United by once common emotion
To love and feel loved
To see in someone else that fairytale ending
The one we all dream for
And secretly pray for
To love and be loved in return
The greatest thing that ever existed
The laughs, the tears, the moments
Spent will last a lifetime
In my memory of whom I once called the one
Furious that your all I think about
That I’m so selfish
That I let you go
Though I tried hard
I fought every time you pushed me away
every time you tried to hurt me
Now what makes this time so different?
I was already hurt
You kicked me when I was down
I don’t blame you
Though I wish I could
I wish I could take this weight off my shoulders
Now with most of my heart gone
I’m paranoid, non-stop contemplating, and underestimating
Feel though I cant open up to anyone around me
Because their just gunna hurt me
Past always finds a way of repeating itself
Cant stop this brain from wondering
Cant stop it from analyzing
Cant stop this heart from beating
Cant stop these emotions I’m feeling

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