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On My Own

February 8, 2011
By Natherine PLATINUM, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Natherine PLATINUM, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"everything happens for a a reason "

Its funny how everything happens
How quick everything can change
How on top of the world
Can become the bottom of a ditch
That from having everything you could ever want
To having barely any sanity left
That the one whom you shared your life with
Secrets, desires, laughs, and tears
Could just as easily turn their back
Act as if their better
As if their perfect and nothing affects them
When you know better
You were there for everything
The ups and downs
The good and bad
The lies and truths
A shoulder to cry on
A hand to hold
Always there
Put up with all the bulls***
Held your tongue

Now things are just a little different
Not a naivee little girl anymore
You knew everything about me
Id like to inform you, things have changed
You see I’m not the same
Yet I’m still in recovery
A big shift in my life
I’m still getting used to
Still adjusting to being my own persn
To walk alone
Something I should’ve done along time ago
That I didn’t think of because
I thought you’d always be there
wasn’t I wrong
Separated by hate and lies
Nothing new to others
Unfamiliar to me
A puppy left to fend on its own
Wonders and so do I
At this moment I experience a revelation
I am not alone and it wouldn’t matter if I was
I can walk, run, and fly without you
An eagle ready to soar
Through tough skies
I’m gunna fly
I’m gunna be just fine on my own

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