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Final Decision

February 13, 2011
By RobbieTheGirl BRONZE, Indianola, Iowa
RobbieTheGirl BRONZE, Indianola, Iowa
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Final Decision
I am floating
I see myself on the ground
I see my box
I see such a lovely box
I see my family so sad
I see my friends so confused
I see myself so nothingness
I smirk at myself
I am nothing
I mean nothing to these people
I laugh at them for their nerves
I can not believe they showed
I know what they did to me
I know how they put me in this box
I know they put me six feet under
I see it in their faces and grin
I see their regret as they gather around
I see them gather around my box
I see them weep their good byes
I watch as they say nice thing for a change
I laugh at their real skin
I smile knowing they pulled off their plastic
I grin when they said that they did not understand
I knew they understood my only chose
I saw that they understood
I saw they knew what they did to me
I knew that was enough
I had gotten what I wanted
I needed to get back to life
I could not figure out how to do that
I just floated there watch and waiting
I knew it hit home
I saw them close my lid
I saw them throw me in the ground
I saw them toss the clods of dirty
I felt the cold clay as it smacked my coffin
I felt my insides rip
I felt a scream crawl between my lips
I heard the silence
The silence of Death
I knew that this was the ultimate decision
I knew that this had been my final decision
I knew that I had gotten everything I wanted
I knew that they felt sorry
I knew they won
I was dead and they were alive
They could go on living while I was stuck
I was stuck six feet under

The author's comments:
It just isn't worth it, they win in the end. I would rather be bullied and be able to do something about it than be bullied and be six feet under. That my friends is the reality of the situation. People just forget to look both ways before making the final decision to cross to the other side.

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