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February 5, 2011
By Sammmmmmmm GOLD, Jefferson, Maryland
Sammmmmmmm GOLD, Jefferson, Maryland
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Strength is hard to get, and easy to use
Don't leave the ones you love for the ones you like ; they, too, will leave you for the ones they love

His car smelled of sweet cologne and after-shave
His stereo blaring away my pain
We laugh as we sing in the car
We don't know where we're going, but we're going far
Going nowhere isn't so bad
When you're crazy, young, and mad
He turns the stereo down at a red-light
“Wanna go see a movie tonight?”
My head nods up and down
I feel like I'm flying high above the ground

It's tonight and he's not here
Guess I was not his lover dear
There's a knock on the door
And a knock at my heart
I open the door and see this boy
The one who must think my heart is a toy
He says “Sorry babe.”
I cry out
And ask “Why? Why is there doubt?”
He says “It could never work anyway
“Our love is meant for another day”
Never answering my question, he turns
Walks down the steps
Gets into the car
As my heart develops a scar
And drives away while the stereo plays a love song
What was so wrong?
The pressure ruined our love
The one I had endlessly dreamed of

No more candy-flavored kisses
No more desperate wishes
No cologne or after-shave
No more running away
So this is heartbreak
I tremble and I shake
As I walk back inside
I no longer have a forbidden love to hide

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