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Shoot for the Moon

February 5, 2011
By jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
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He counts his blessings like I count the stars
One by one, so lost in time
He sees the shift, the changing of colors
The world flashes before our minds
I hate to confess my dying for passion
I count her tears, drip-drop
I lose my head again and again
But nothing stops, the world won’t stop
He never surrenders his lose of contentment
Face of stone, the best and the worst
The seasons change day by day
Summer is last, Winter is first
I forget my obligations
Circled in red, underlined twice
Spinning around in a world of confusion
Where the good are mean, the bad are nice
He tiptoes on fine lines of the private
Elegant and graceful, no sound to hear
Trumpets blare disguised as birds
Welcoming hosts to lonesome and cheer
I lose my footing on Frost’s plowed path
I assume it snowed, snow, snow
I long for the troubles, I long for them back
And no one knows, no one tries to know
He swallows his pride, screams what he feels
He knows reality, knows what’s real
The little girls lie hour by hour
Sunday they kneel, they always kneel
I’m losing hope, I’m losing my pride
Waves ripple on the shore
Inevitable moments throughout life
They are always in store, there will always be more
Tides move like phases of the moon
Cursed by the wind and rain
Wipe the tears away little girl
And smile through pain day and day
I focus on walking, left and right
One foot in front of the other
Head is trained, neck is stiff
We belong with each other, long for each other
He is right opposite’s like magnets
Two ends will meet, they always meet,
He is right if I don’t slow down
History will repeat, it always repeats
He is right I need to breathe
In and out, one and two
Count my blessings like the stars
And shoot for the moon, the big bold moon

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