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January 26, 2011
By lunaticonthegrass PLATINUM, Hobbs, New Mexico
lunaticonthegrass PLATINUM, Hobbs, New Mexico
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"Poets utter great and wise things which they themselves do not understand."-Plato
"Envy is ignorance"-Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Choose the day, the sign of the day, the day's divinity."-Jim Morrison

The amazing sounds and lyrics crawl to my ears and nest themselves in my brain. Engraving their message in my mind, leaving me with the amazing music perpetually playing. Constantly, I hear the melodies and I am free. At the same time I am trapped, I have fallen into a spell. I am not sure if it will harm or benefit me, I don't care. I just want to forever hear the magic. The sharps, flats, majors, and minors caress me. They lull me to sleep. They take my heart and soul and make it their own. I have become a slave to the music, yet I do not resist. I am trapped, but I am free.

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