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One Thing

January 17, 2011
By writerinfinity PLATINUM, Arlington, Texas
writerinfinity PLATINUM, Arlington, Texas
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A fake smile, a pretty dress, a forced laugh
It all makes the harsh reality go away
I put on my lipstick to hide those dry, chapped, un-kissed lips
Concealer to hide those ugly, deep circles under my eyes
I put bright, sparkly eyeshadow to distract the eyes of other people from the sleep deprived look in my eyes
I use a curler iron to curl my dark, almond hair, and hide the bits of it that have fallen away
I wear a slightly baggy dress to keep people from noticing the disastrous weight loss
I dread going to the doctors office in 4 months for a physical
Where they tell me I’m too thin and stuff
I pretend to enjoy the vague tries of my mother who cooks me eggs, bacon, and other things in the morning, afternoon, and evening
I pretend that I love the ridiculous talk sessions my mother makes my small family have
I pretend to be fascinated in my parents boring tales of their highschool days
I act like going out on long walks in the nature park with my dad is the highlight of my week
I silently gawk when my parents go on this shopping spree and buy me all sorts of things
All those things are happening because of one thing
One thing that runs my life
One thing
A thing that is anything but simple
A thing I dread and despise

The secret....

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