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A Life

January 16, 2011
By Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"You've got to love what you've got while you've got it."

Dance with everything you’ve got
Your soul fully connected to the motions
Expression of your feelings
A life of expression

Fiery anger, fear, pain
Embraced in dance through song
But hidden
Hidden in the world from others
No one can guess what you really feel
What you’re really going through

Bubbly with happiness and positively
They see your light
And flock to it
An example of strength and the way
God is the way
The hymns grasped in my clutch
Through dance
A life of light
A life of strength

Secrets kept
But secrets told
Through movements
A language unheard
Only seen

No one is gonna see me cry
I only cry occasionally
But only as I dance

You never know when it’s your end
Don’t let it end without
Like you’re the only one
On the stage
In the room
And you don’t care
You don’t care
About anything

Hide the negative
Disregard it
Throw it away
Illustrate love and passion through dance
Such a great capacity to love
Engulf yourself by sharing
The more you give
The more you get
This is the one life you’ve got to love
So love to the highest
A life of love
A life of dance

The author's comments:
To me, life is such a blessing. I am thankful for my ability to dance. Dance truely is a way of life.

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