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Losing is Simple

January 15, 2011
By LilStinka SILVER, Lynden, Washington
LilStinka SILVER, Lynden, Washington
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Losing is simple. You can lose your keys or your phone. You can lose a credit card or a job, a home or a friend. When we lose something, we tend not to think about why we lost it in the first place. Why did I leave my keys in the bathroom, why did my boss fire me? Why don’t I have the money to pay for our house? How come we aren’t friends anymore, what went wrong? When we lose a best friend, a brother, a sister, we lose a part of ourselves. We lose the ability to trust, we become skeptical and cynical, we feel hurt. The problem is we, none of us, understand why? We try in vain to comprehend what mistakes we made, what we could’ve done better or could’ve simply done. We begin to blame ourselves for what we lost and try to find fault in our own character to explain why they vanished. The truth is we didn’t do it alone. We didn’t lose that person, we just found ourselves in different worlds; separated by our likes and dislikes, our different values, our tastes, the way we live. It isn’t only us who caused the division. For there to be a division in the first place there must be two parties involved. Though we still feel responsible for the distance, we must understand it’s not solely our fault. Don’t you see, there’s nothing we could have done. People change, nothing stays the same, no matter what we do to prevent what we are so afraid of. That’s the truth, the crux behind all our problems. Change drives us forward but everything has a price. The price of moving forward is what we must lose to get there.

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