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From Nothing To Something

January 8, 2011
By LovexSkterEpic SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
LovexSkterEpic SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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They say that I can't last a day in the real world, I say you wouldn't survive one night in mine.

I used to be nothing,
Simply part of air that surrounded me.
Or maybe like a misguided ghost, looking for its home.
I wanted to join the in-crowd,
Be part of a group of smiling friends.
For now I am on my own,
Like a lone wolf, with no soul
Like Dumbo in the circus,
I was the thing that they laughed at,
The thing that wanted to be something more.
Yes, their words would hurt.
Leave scars that went deep.
But I learned to simply ignore their taunts,
And keep walking that yellow brick road.
As, the years went on, I became a shadow.
And as I met more and more people to become my friends,
My shadow turned into a person,
A visible one that you could see and touch.
I am finally a star in the sky, people will recognize, when they see it.
I am something, happy in this world,
Like a rose that grew in a garden of weeds

The author's comments:
This poem is about my life from third grade to eighth grade. I was always bullied and left to live a lonely life. But now I'm in the ninth grade and I have friends who care about me.

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