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January 3, 2011
By Kimberly SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Kimberly SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Take this message to heart all of you hating on the ones I love

Your ignorant comments proves how stupid you really are

Only punks come at innocent souls

You think your so big by making us cry

You call it preserving the purity of the white race

I call it bull, you know why you do it, or maybe you don't

But all I know is enough is enough

How do you sleep at night knowing all the pain you've caused

How do speak of peace when you just killed a brother because his skin looks nothing like yours?

Underneath the flesh of those you burn are flesh and bones that look a lot like yours

God don't like ugly and history tends to repeat, I hope for your sake that history won't make you sow what you've reaped.

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