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Accept it

December 23, 2010
By JatiaE. BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
JatiaE. BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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You always think you are right
And no matter what I say I’m wrong
You try so hard to prove your point
But what’s the point in constantly persisting
When in the end I have my own opinion
Yes, we agree on a lot of things
But I have my own mind
I think on m own time
In my own way
True, you are my best friend
True, I do like to take the less traveled road
But sometimes I’m right
Sometimes I’m in charge
Sometimes you just can’t be the boss
You were wrong
Let it go
I hope one day you’ll except that everyone has flaws
That everyone can be wrong
Including you
Because this time I absolutely know
You are wrong
And I am right

The author's comments:
This was inspired by all the irritating people in my life who just won't accept that sometimes they're wrong. And for me because i never realize that sometimes i might just be right

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