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Close Your Eyes

December 23, 2010
By wespired GOLD, Circle Pines, Minnesota
wespired GOLD, Circle Pines, Minnesota
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"God has given me the ability, the rest is up to me, believe... believe... believe." -- Billy Mills (Ox Lake 2008)

What will a man whose dying in the next 100 years see when he closes his eyes and sips his last breath? Will he think of all the wonderful years hes had, or the many years hes spent in a happy marriage? Will this man whose life is slipping away, even have a happy marriage? I begin to look this road my country is barely stumbling through and wonder where our morals have disappeared to? When has marriage become consumed by selfish ambitions? When has love been found only in a bed where true love and vows to God have not been made first?

I am terrified that the road we are going down, and its only going to lead us to our death bed when we finally close our eyes and only see our mistakes and faults. When will there be a visionary thought made that leads to action taken unanimously by all? When can peace finally be universal and love flow like the emotions that cover this dying man? What will the next 100 years look like when our children close their eyes?

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