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Temptation's Cup/A Spirit of Life

December 23, 2010
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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The tantalizing soup of temptation
Stood before her
The golden-black waters glistened
And the smells entranced

Her mind gave into thoughts
The sweet but evil thoughts of her desires
Of pleasure and want
Of easy roads and decisions

She dipped her pale hand
Into the soup’s waters
The silky, black drops flowed
And turned across her fingers

Such gentleness
Such fire
Such want was the waters
She took a big sip

At first, she groaned in pleasure
The taste sweet on her tongue
Dripped, soothingly
Down the sides of her throat

But sooner or later,
The drops began to sting
Poisoning her throat
Burning, tearing her heart

The temporary sweetness disappeared
A bitterness was left on her tongue
Her heart fell to the floor
With the soup’s heavy chains of sorrow

She never should have drank
Temptation’s soup
But although the waters tear her apart,
She continued to drink and drink the black soup

Waiting for full sweetness
Hoping for fulfillment
She desperately continued to drink
Crying for release from the pain of emptiness

Why did she still feel so alone?
Why did her heart still pump in pain?
Why did nothing fulfill?
Not even human love?

She continued to drink
Ashamed, angry, grieving in sorrow
Who can ever love someone
Who drinks from Temptation’s cup?

A bright light appeared before her
A goblet in the shape of a cross
The waters sparkled in clear, blue purity
Crystal tears fell into the golden goblet

The girl backed away afraid
But a sweet voice echoed
From the soft, blue waters
Of peace and purity

“Do not be afraid.”
The girl took a step closer
Searching for a face
But the light was too bright

A white, outstretched hand appeared before her
“Do not be afraid.”
The girl fell to her knees, sobbing
Her tears fell to the ground like piercing arrows

“What do you want with me, oh, Holy One?
I have sinned
I have drank from Temptation’s cup
I have eaten the forbidden fruit.”

The gentle hand wiped her tears away
And softly lifted her face
“I know you have sinned.
I know all your dark deeds.

But I have washed those deeds
In the sacrificial blood of my Son, Jesus Christ.
If you accept my gift of salvation to you,
If you accept my unconditional love for you,

Then you will be cleansed and healed from all burdens.
My blood shall purify your heart.
You shall be my Child
And I will never let go of you.”

The girl looked down again
“But I cannot return that love.
My love is imperfect.
I fall to sin every day.
You should just throw me away.”

The hand lifted her face once again
“I do not view you as one unworthy.
I view you as somebody worthy of my love.
Although your love is imperfect in the flesh,
Your love is perfect and beautiful in your trust in Me.

There is more to you than your mistakes.
I did not create you for evil but for good.
You are not a monster or your sinful past.
But a beautiful Daughter of Christ, of Light
Of whom I have made with my own hands.”

The girl hugged Him, desperately, with tears.
“I do believe and trust that you are My Savior.
I accept your undying love for Me on the cross.
Truly no one can fulfill my heart like You can.”

The goblet poured its clear, blue waters over her
She felt as though soft tears ran down her flesh
She began to cry as the poison of sin
Began to heal and leave her body

And for once in her life
She felt fulfilled
Loved and accepted
And all her painful burdens were gone

She was made into a new creation
A Spirit and Heir of Life
A Daughter of Christ
And a forever, precious Child of God

The author's comments:
"Temptation and Salvation"

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on Nov. 17 2011 at 12:24 pm
bluebird SILVER, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
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This is a beautiful poem! I wanted to write to you because I saw you wrote "'Tis" and I use that all the time! It's not everyday you see someone use that. I'm a freshman, too, only in high school.