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Saved in a pool of my own words

December 22, 2010
By tpayne16 SILVER, Danville, Virginia
tpayne16 SILVER, Danville, Virginia
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But nothing appears
But nothing can hit you like a brick wall to your body
Leaving indecisive scars all over
No room to focus
No room for change
No room for anything
Lying in a pool of my own words
Slowly bleeding
But no regrets
I call for help
But nobody answers
Everyone just stares
Stares at the freak show

But I am the only one who felt the impact
Not even you know the impact
A solid dent to my face
The water slowly engulfs my dead eyes
As your hand reaches to mine
Breath slams into my body

The water engulfs once again
Blood streaming that won’t stop
Newly cut scars just as I was saved
The water turns black with my blood
Before help comes again
But not soon enough
Death with absolutely no regret

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