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everyone has a true friend

December 24, 2010
By farjana GOLD, Tucker, Georgia
farjana GOLD, Tucker, Georgia
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So many questions I have unanswered . are we okay ? are we like we were before ? did you like walking past by me fight in front of my face ? all the times we didn’t talk or walk side by side do you know what I did ? do you care for me when I’m hurt? All the scars left on my arm . all the harm you have done , to you it was really none. – farjana .

Everyone has a true friend who listens to them when they’re feeling blue When they really need you when they only bleed and plead to feel freed so that They won’t end up smoking weed. That true friend who comprehends with me. You’re That type of friend that I wouldn’t want our friendship to bend you’re that type of friend Whose there for me till the very end that follows each and every trend you are that type of Friend that always listens and when we talk our bodies n faces glistens. That type of friend that can keep secrets like the bracelets around my anklets. never going to let you go always going to keep you close. you're that true friend whose always been my dear friend you're that true friend who was always there for me from the start one who has a very kind heart. so many ways to describe you , yet i can't subscribe you , going on for eternity filling my journal up to infinity .

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