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Last words

December 12, 2010
By Sincerly,Jasmine SILVER, Villa Park, Illinois
Sincerly,Jasmine SILVER, Villa Park, Illinois
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"Beauty comes in its own box"

A dirty pistol held in your trembling unsure hands,

You think of nothing but you as the trigger was pulled ,

Look up now, see those you have hurt with your death blow,

See who you have killed in the process of your selfish lies, the promises

they mean nothing they look as though they disintegrated into the black hole of your heart,

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to hear his lies as he runs from himself in this cold game of life, of love,little does his sad soul no it will catch up to him and sting him with hurt that he has burdened me with.

You look as though your surprised,

so stop and stair now into my eyes,

Dont look away my dear, do you see that light that you decided it was time to be taken away,

Look at yourself in that dusty mirror pray that you dont see who i see the monster that you really are, dont say you see beauty, rite now your the definition of repulsive.

I said sorry to spite you, to try and see it from your point of view,

But my shoes were to tight to walk into yours, so i will say what i have been longing to say. for these are the last words you will hear from my lips.

Never will i forgive you but i will for give your mistake of loosing us,

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