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December 12, 2010
By theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
theEMOrequiem GOLD, Aurora, Colorado
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Clutching at blankets.
Weird sounds and noises.
The dark holds scary things.

Something's there to eat me.
I'll go crying, scared, and fleeting.
Please turn on the light.

I can't see my breath.
I'm close to giving in.
They understand me.

Close and out of focus.
But numb with lots of noises.
Can I trust them?

Noise is noise, nothing more.

The world in my possession.
A world without lesson.
A scary triumph.

My breath a mist.
This falling fist.
My tears are seen.

That ugly face.
Marred with hate.
Where are they?

Words spat at my feet.
Falling to reach.
The light is a monster.

Clutching at blankets.
Silence is silence...
Please turn off the light.


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