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My Deathbed

December 7, 2010
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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As I lay across my deathbed,
I remember all the times I had
My joys and glees
The people who loved me

My sorrows and trials
But the renewals from them
MY pain and hurt
But my growth in faith

My lonely, cold heart
But God at my side always
A love experienced
And will be experienced forevermore

I had my time
I had my work
I ha my plans
But now it is time for my rest

Take heart, children
Never give up hope
Do not be saddened
For I shall see you soon

Soon we will be together
Everlasting, everbeing
In Heaven
With Christ, face to face

No pain
No sorrow
No tears
But only ever happiness and ever love

Though I go
Remember not to blame
For it is His will
Not mine

We each have our purpose
Sometimes long or short
But never mind the length
For in such time, there was still joy

I love you forevermore
This is goodbye, but the first hello
I’ll be there with others to welcome
As He has welcomed me home

Keep faith, hope, love
Across the tablet of your heart
Never lose focus, only focus on Christ
Cause truly in the end, we are only justified by faith

Righetousness does not come from law
Or from works
We receive righteousness through faith
As Paul said, Christ gives us this through faith, through grace

Love each other with ever last drip
For each of us plant seeds
We do sow, even though we may not see
But God uses them to help the dead plants

Sow, and reap
Plant, and produce
Love, and be faithful
Enjoy every joy and peace

Goodbye for now
Hello tomorrow
This my end
But my beginning

As I lay across my deathbed….
There will be a day…
Every credit of what work I have done
Goes to Christ and Christ alone….

May His Love be with you forever
Now, today, tomorrow, and when time ends
You are never promised tomorrow
Live each day for His Glory, my loves

The author's comments:
Inspired from "Deathbed" by Relient K :D

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