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Fatherly Lies

December 10, 2010
By RoseR. PLATINUM, Tomah, Wisconsin
RoseR. PLATINUM, Tomah, Wisconsin
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id rather be hated for who i am than be loved for someone im not, ill never be JUST a memory.

Tell me lies,
Lies disguised as
Sugar-coated hugs and kisses.
In my eyes; nothing but truth in it
The person, no, the man, no-
The hero in my mind,
All he ever gave was lies
That loving dad of mine.
My best-est friend,
Here till the end-
I’m seventeen.
Where have you been?
I’ve been here all by myself
Without you around.

What happened to the love and
The Hugs you used to give me?
Oh yeah- they were lies,
Why would I want them in the first place?

I wish you could give me truth.
Wait ‘give me truth’? Well that’s not you.
Take your kisses and your hugs,
In my eyes they are worth nothing
The jerk, no, the liar, no,
The a**hole in my mind
I wish he could give me truth.
Don’t try to avoid my eyes
My fakest friend,
Gone till the end,
I'm seventeen.
And I'll never see you again.

The author's comments:
Failure to repair a shattered father- daughter relationship, may result in feelings of depression, desertion, and chronic feelings of guilt.

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