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Little world

November 28, 2010
By maS15 GOLD, Elk Grove, California
maS15 GOLD, Elk Grove, California
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Watching the tv
you sit there laughing
No care in the world
You don't care
You just sit and watch
watching the comedian's words lighten the room.
But, it stops
the comedian says into the mic
"I quit" and walks off stage
not looking back.
Some wish they are able to
But something pulls them back.
Back in the shadows
Up against the wall.
For the second round.
But you don't care
the comedian stopped
No one can make you kaugh again
Not ever.
But, after a week he had been replaced
By someone better
Someone more accurate
But, he looks up and says
"I never seen anyone cry like that before" And he looked away
Not looking at the crowd or in the camera
And you see him cry
"Don't judge a person on the outside" He told the crowd, at you
"give them a warm smile" He smiled at the camera and at the crowd
Don't judge the people around you like a books cover.
Look deeper
Look wider

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