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feel the love

December 1, 2010
By ashleybrink GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
ashleybrink GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
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A girl goes to sleep knowing the nest day will be her last
for she does not feel loved and is glad to leave
but she wakes in the dead of the night
she knows she felt a whisper
she looks but she is alone
there it was again
a soft wind floating slowly past her ears
she turns but no one is there
then she gets a feeling
starting in the pit of her lonely heart
and spreading like blood through her body
then she knows
she's in the presence of a spirit
not just any spirit but someone special to her that she lost long ago
and a warmth passes through her
as if spoken to her head she feels the words of another on her tongue
she speaks, " You are loved weather you believe it or not," softly into the still night
then she feels a warmth around her like someone giving a hug
next thing she knows she wakes in the stillness
but it was not a dream
for she can still taste the honey sweetness of the words on her tongue
and feel the warmth of the ever-lasting hug
then she knows
her life is not to end
but go on to show people that miracles can happen to the simplest of people

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