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November 23, 2010
By PaintTheSkyGrey GOLD, New Boston, New Hampshire
PaintTheSkyGrey GOLD, New Boston, New Hampshire
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Brief images
Flash across reality
I know they can't be real
But I see them all the same

A bright, pale moon
An airplane thunders towards it
In an explosion of flame
Debris falls to earth
I blink
One small moon
A button in the sky
And a plane buzzing off into the distance
No fire
No broken moon

Rivers of silver and gold
Beautiful and shining among
A fairytale garden filled with
Ruby tomatoes, sapphire berries
Emerald vines and diamond flowers
Growing beside pools of delicate
But then it's gone
And I'm standing in a forest
Held tightly in Winter's grasp

The shadows on my walls
Move and speak in the dead of night
They tell of dark things
Death and grief and famine and suicide
And broken hearts
But also of Hope
So I listen, not daring to believe them
That they're real
They keep me awake
My living insomnia
But I don't care anymore
In the morning
The sun rises
Breaking the spell

To tell the truth
I almost prefer my fantasy world
And in the back of my mind
Hope that someday
It'll stay and I'll never wake up to reality

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