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Luna's Glow

November 24, 2010
By spoiledkid12 GOLD, Cape Coral, Florida
spoiledkid12 GOLD, Cape Coral, Florida
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Hummed whispers, murmured through the
Thin lips of a moth
Who flutters under the Banyon tree,
Letting the gentle moonlight kiss its wings
Luna, is whispered, through the night sky,
As it twitters restlessly towards the luminous light
The translucent light, resting in the sky
So paralyzing in its beauty,
The moth glides on towards the glow
As hypnotizing as a snake charmer,
The light glows larger, the moth glides closer,
As soon as one feathered wing caresses the sharp glare,
A series of sparks, a stunning fire,
Embrace the luna so swiftly,
Luna drifts down, like a feather catching wind
To rest on the earthy ground,
A permanent grave

The author's comments:
**For those of you who didnt catch on.....the moth was caught in a bug zapper**

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