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Phoenix Song

November 16, 2010
By Shadowfoxz DIAMOND, Washington D.C, District Of Columbia
Shadowfoxz DIAMOND, Washington D.C, District Of Columbia
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You hear the sadness in my footsteps, the gloom upon my face. And in a second, I'll stand here, stare you straight in the face, cry, and sing a phoenix song just for you. I will express my despair as a melody that touches your heart and reaches deep beyond the organ, deep into your mind and spirit, until you feel what I feel. I will heal your wounds with my melancholy voice, choked with anguish and gloom, for whose wounds can stand to a song such as this? I will continue to vocalize, because you didn't realize how many times that I tried. When you needed me I put my mood on flames, bright and flashing, to be reborn through your happiness, your joy, a secret joy to me. Until you see that I have to sing to you, I have to quiver, to sob silently through mystic choruses, to stare at you with so much sorrow you will flinch, to see the tears stinging my face, slowly falling, leaving salty trails that tell their own story. Maybe my tears will be red, for in losing that key part of you I am slowly being drained of myself...

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