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with black scratches.

October 28, 2010
By Taylor.Sangria GOLD, Deltona, Florida
Taylor.Sangria GOLD, Deltona, Florida
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(my graces)

my world, in one instant, when in the end nothing happened
and it was all done and over and you had
my skin beneath your nails like you always wanted,
and you had my eyes upon your face like you always wanted, and

(you had me right where you wanted)

cause this night you told such burning lies to my hungry eyes,
painted my eyes bright red with the life of us, the scarlet flow
of life from my heart and through my limbs and eyes and hands and
into your heart, from me through your hands

into your heart
(you'll find me under your skin, love, find me)

lie back like an X on the green plaid chair with the stuffing spilling out like so
many spider eggs; turtles and peaches and cotton candy dance before
my eyes; my leg is shaking and you are smiling, smiling or staring idly, whichever suits you
at the moment. and i'll look at you with glazed eyes and ask 'what', and you'll say 'nothing',
and moments later you're tongue is on my cheek,

moments later,
your tongue is in my cheek,

and i ask 'what' and you say 'nothing' and you return, and then i'm back to my hazy eyes that everyone can't see, and everything is moving slow and smooth and i wish you would just

stop, and

we flow with the rest and there's fondue and taquitos and all manner of party foods and for that moment,
i remember where we are and who i am and
then my eyes shift to you and it's gone, and

(all i see is red red red)

in the background, blaring noises of monopoly and beatles trapped in glass boxes that slide and teenaged boys with middle-aged voices;
everyone is cracking, crackling to pieces
and soon everybody knows what has been done, what has been reborn here and
now and it's not over yet as we

climb aboard, let's make a voyage, love, you and me and the night
that keeps guard below us. on the cloudy white roof miles above the rest, dirt swirled and made rivers and colonies and
you kept me from it all
with black scratches and we were cold and wet but nothing mattered because

(i was seeing red red red)

in this blackest of nights; your nails are digging and your hair is pricking,
and my hair is prickling on the back of my neck either form the cold or the wet or the dark or

(the feel of you beneath me,)
i'm not quite sure if

you whisper to me, and i suddenly realize the gravity of it all and the gravity of the world which is crushing me now, all of a sudden, crushing me to the dirty white roof and to your warm body though i try to pick myself up from it all and go.
'what about katy' i ask, and all you have to say is 'oops', and then it's done for me

(i'm seeing red red red)
colors swirl like ambient lights and i don't know where i am anymore, it's just that

your eyes are so green, and the white script of your shirt make my head ache
with its white noise,
static burning white hot between my temples

and i look up from your eyes to see the city
sparkling, spiraling out like a shell from our perch in the clouds
deltona never looked so beautiful as when i was with you, with golden rivers
coursing to our right and the cars flowed like diamonds from the hands of a king,
and my eyes burn and my knees are shaking

but in the end nothing happened,
and it was all done and over and you had
my skin beneath your nails like you always wanted,
and you had my eyes upon your face like you always wanted, and

you had me right where you wanted

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Wow rly Looonng. Buy rly gooodd ;p awesome I rly liked it. It's deep