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Dangerous But Willing

October 27, 2010
By Scooter92694 BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
Scooter92694 BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
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What ever doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

Love. Is it worth all of the trouble?
Try and try again, but what happens?
Not want I want to happen.
Does she know? Yes
Does she care? Nobody knows but her.

Trial and Error
Try and Try again, but it doesn’t works
At least she doesn’t hate me anymore.
We talk more, but not meaningful conversations.
High school love, a.k.a. drama 101.
Why do I put up with it?

She makes me smile with her mysterious ways.
Is it the “Peace, Love, and Happiness”?
Is it the way she sings it, as if she has no idea what she is doing?
I love who she is.
But does she feel the same way?

It’s a risk, and I don’t think may people take it.
Loving someone for 2 ½ years, without him or her loving you back.
We talk more and more each day.
Deeper and deeper conversations
More personal, more emotional
I feel like it’s about to happen
I can’t take this much longer.

Here goes all that I have.
I told her. Now she is going to hate me.
Why did I ruin what I had?
How can I make such a stupid mistake?
Now it’s back to step one.

Wait? What’s that?
Oh. I understand.
Now I am stuck in the friend zone for the rest of my life.
My high school love is now like my little sister.
Talk, talk, and talk.
I can’t take it. I am just someone to tell problems to.
But she knows that she can talk to me about all of her problems
She trusts me, and that is all that matters right now.

I want more then this. I want us to be an item.
Risks have to be taken.
I know that she is scared. She doesn’t want to lose me.

She wants to stay friends
I want to be more than that.
She is scared of us breaking up
And never talking again

I couldn’t do that to her
I don’t think that she realizes that.
She needs to take a chance.
I took a chance.
Three times in a row
For 2 ½ years

We are still closest of friends
But I think it’s time to move on.
Make some new choices in life

I need to accept that friends are friends
We aren’t just friends
And that’s what makes it special
That’s what makes it different.
That’s what makes her

From now on,
It can only get better before it gets worse.
I think one day
It will happen.

Patients, Patients, Patients

The author's comments:
This piece was written to express how complicated love really is from my point of view

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