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What I See

October 26, 2010
By his_country_girl SILVER, Goshen, Indiana
his_country_girl SILVER, Goshen, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Reality is almost always wrong."-House

"Don't worry when you feel something, worry when you don't."- SVU

The world just sees a boy,
a kid trying to find his way.
Just another person,
someone they might meet
along the way.

The world doesn't see what I see.
Not even close.

I see my whole future
every time I look into your eyes.
I see everything I've ever wanted
every time I look at you.

I know you're the most amazing man,
every time I feel your touch.
I know you're my only one,
every time I hear your voice.

The sound of your voice
leaves me speechless.
The sound of your laugh
makes me smile.
The sound of your heartbeat,
makes my life worth while.

The world doesn't see
the person that I see.
How truly amazing you are,
and how lucky I am you're mine.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. You may not like it, but he loved it. That's all that matters, right?

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