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Meeting the One

November 2, 2010
By manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
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Seeing him face to face,
it feels so different.
It is like we are at a quickening pace,
trying not to make eye contact.

Putting LOL is so much easier,
then doing it to his face.
He seems so much sleazier,
then what he actually is.

Going to a party alone,
seems so much harder.
They look at you like property unowned,
seeing your with no one.

Looking into his eyes,
I start to ponder.
Yet, it is all lies,
I still keep thinking.

Thinking the impossible,
though we know it could happen.
Like a ghost I am invisible,
I can’t show my face again.

I watch him leave,
he walks with a proud posture.
I think what if, and I start to grieve,
he is playing tennis with my heart.

It is a constant battle,
that goes on in my head.
One saying go ahead, tattle,
the other arguing don’t move fast.

It has gone on for days,
the mix of emoticons.
One sits as the other one lays,
but they both stand when I’m confused.

Pushing me to you and away,
I feel as if I am a tug-of-war toy.
On the dog toys display,
I know people are staring.

Watching what happens,
if they pull hard enough.
My mood starts to dampen,
knowing you have your own options.

I sit in the back,
watching silently.
What won’t he do to lack,
what is he feeling.

He drowns me in affection,
till I can’t hide anymore.
It grows like an infection,
at a very alarming rate.

Never ending compliments,
leaves me smiling.
I feel like an ornament,
being cared for every second.

Finding new ways,
to show how I feel.
I am in a haze,
when I know I’m loved.

The tenderness of his voice,
leaves me wanting more.
Every time I rejoice,
at the thought of us.

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