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Sour Grapes

October 30, 2010
By dre0715 GOLD, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
dre0715 GOLD, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
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Sour grapes in our mouth
We refuse to spit them out
Stubborn we our against our own good
We fight scream and shout
The fall of our kings the memory it brings
How easily we forget
The pain it brings, like bee stings
Our minds full of regret
God didn’t create our hearts to race
So why do we allow our minds to rush?
We’re always the slowest to respond
But we are always quickest to judge
Our Mind, body, and soul
Seem to never intertwine
Call it a conspiracy for love and hate
Between there was never a line
Raindrops fall, but soon dissolve
Oh lord where do they go and why?
Shakespearean sonnets, drive me hypnotic
For this passion I can’t deny
I wish others would confess there compulsions
For they all need to be known
For the lack of knowledge will destroy us
Proved by fields of nebulous tombstones
Midnight is soon to strike
No one seems to be prepared
Everyman fends for himself
Vital information is refused to be shared
The world we knew has grown to be
A beast that can’t be tamed
Doors our closing we can’t reach the handle
Eternally locked in shame

The author's comments:
one of my many poems

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