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October 29, 2010
By Cammie42 SILVER, Canyon Country, California
Cammie42 SILVER, Canyon Country, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Do not live for others. Don't even live for yourself. Live so you can just simply live."

Have you ever loved a player?
Well, you shouldn't
He'll only break your captured heart
You'll cry every night
At the littlest things he does
Either if its out of happiness or not
You'll cry. Trust me.
He makes you think you're
The most special girl in the world
And you'll believe him
Cause he's treated you like it
He'll say I love you
Like he really means every word
You'll say I love you back
Like you really mean every letter
But what you won't know though
Is that he's toying with your heart strings
He does one thing to you
I bet he's doing that same to another
When you see his face, you'll think
"Oh I'm so lucky"
When he sees yours, he'll think
"Damn. She's coming."
That's why you shouldn't love a player
You're too good for him, honey
Even if you know he won't betray you
You'll come back to this poem one day and say, "I should've listened."
If you do fall for one
You know, a player?
that's okay, its not your fault girl
It's his for tripping you into his complicated trap
I mean, it has its benefits
Talking on the brightside
He'll make you experience true love for once
Despite it being all one-sided and stuff
He'll wrap his arms around your waist
It's probably the most incredible feeling yet
He'll give you a hundred warm hugs
And a thousand more kisses
And I guess its good for the heart
It'll give you bitter sweet memories
That you can rewind over and over again
On a rainy, sunday afternoon
But forget all that shit; don't love a player
Because in he end, your love will be played
If you don't wanna listen, then go ahead
Just remember, though, you'll end up just like me

The author's comments:
Girls, take care of your heart. You only have one and, unlike cats with nine lives, it can be shot dead within a second.

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