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October 22, 2010
By AquariusSunandMoon SILVER, Sublette, Illinois
AquariusSunandMoon SILVER, Sublette, Illinois
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Born again to the wild winds and frozen tundras
The Pebbled beach where the water changes the color of stone
The wonder of life amplified under steel grey skies
The sea spray against my skin,
changes me
In mirroring the landscape I become one with the world

My skin looks pale compared to the new shoots of grass
The color seeping into the land makes me smile
It's the breath of clean air that I have been longing for
The long hours indoors have taken their toll
I had almost forgotten the feel of bare feet in the newly tilled earth

Under the hot summer sun I stand
Disguised in the long grass and flowers
Here the tall weeds offer shade
I will thank them by understanding their reason in life

The red of my sweater blends with the leaves
They shelter me so that the cool breeze never reaches me
And I can watch the clear blue sky in comfort
Daydreaming of flying away to warmer places
Like the geese that fly above me
In the evening my eyes will reflect the fire of the sunset

Footsteps as light as falling snow will tread carefully on this earth for I have seen the world through brand new eyes and love it for what it is.

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