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Adventures with you

October 18, 2010
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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the atmosphere lifts up

and im high on the scent of you

the heat warms my bones

as we sink into our seats

just our first encounter

you got me beat

for lack of better terms

but i couldnt help but squirm

hoping to inch my way closer to you

while still looking calm and cool

you must've thought i was such a fool

sitting on the tree limb

nearly falling off

but the ice of the air

kept me frozen to this chair

as i wiped my nose and you fixed your hair

we both breathed in our freedom

and losing all of our care

for the world and everyone in it

besides ourselves sitting

side by side on a shelf

in the middle of the mountain

spouting its beauty to our eyes

and we hiked up that hill

as dark swallowed up the sky

the moon stood as a candle

with one star to keep it company

as we accompanied our own

looking in your eyes

or out into the sky

i feel at home

you make it hard to remember how it felt

to be so alone

are you magic or just rare

truth is, it doesnt matter enough to care

youre one of a kind

because you tend to put a lense on everything

and show me how truly blind

ive been this whole time.

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