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Why am I alone?

October 10, 2010
By maS15 GOLD, Elk Grove, California
maS15 GOLD, Elk Grove, California
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So, I work... I cry and I'm loud I have absolute friends...
But why am I feeling alone?
These years of life I have are sad anbd gloomy so why do I smile? Is there a reason or
Can I really trust?
Truat my own words of hope??
I need to try
No... I can't pressure my self
I live in my own world...
Is that happiness?
I don't even now what happiness is.
And no one can tell me
Of course
I'm alone
No one can relate to me on how I feel
My pain in my heart
Trust this world I really can't say...
But, who knows me?
The real me?
No one... I pull a mask on... that is why...
Forgive me...
My lonley ride

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