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To See You

October 10, 2010
By caseyemd SILVER, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
caseyemd SILVER, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
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Walking fast through the crowd
Never finding you

Time passes as the streets empty
People scuttling
Like ants going to serve their queen
People scuttle

Scuttling people crowd around me
As my desperate eyes search
Never finding you

Time goes by as a man runs into me
Like I’m walking by him
Not him passing me

Stopping I stare as I see a man
On the park bench

The time I stare could last
A lifetime
Until he turns towards me

Calling your name
I can’t see him

Men walk between us
With a billboard advertising diamonds
Like in a movie
I never even see his face

Running towards him
Shoving scuttling people
I fall

A hand reaches towards me
Hoisting me up,
Like I am the queen today.

Looking for you
Never finding you

I see the empty bench
He is gone
I cry

Sobbing tears of loss
A hand lands on my shoulder
And I can’t believe it
All this time I never saw you.

The author's comments:
This is like a story and a poem at the same time. It is kinda confusing because I dont really know what I was writing, but I hope someone gets it. ;)

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