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October 10, 2010
By caseyemd SILVER, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
caseyemd SILVER, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
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Tick tock chimes the clock
Noise is deadly
As the wind chimes ding
And the water rushes through the shower pipes
A raging stream
As the perfect wife sings her solemn song
And the ink flows upon paper
As the pen and paper collide
The sound of last minute homework
But it is not homework
It is noise from the mind
Thoughts being put into words
Transformed forever
Marked into memory
Singing lights pierce ears
As the perfect dog whines
For its master has left
The empty food dish clangs on tile
no one hears this
too much noise
Tires screech on pavement
As the perfect husband goes to work
His perfect wife at home
Pots clang
Dishes are never really done
Laundry dings.
Children getting dressed
Folding their jeans
Pajamas in the laundry
Laundry is never done
Combing their har
Brushing their teeth
The electric buzz
Boots upon stairs
Shouting goodbye to the perfect children
As they chew their breakfast on the way out
Steps heavy as they reach the street
Listening for the screech of the bus
Breaks need oiling
Rooster crows in the distance
Engines ignite
Noise is deadly
Then clunk as a bird falls dead from the sky.
A thunderous cloud of gray on the horizon
As screams are heard
Then silence---the deadliest noise of all.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about three years ago and decided to edit it a bit so that I like it better. And now it is acceptable. haha...

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