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Wildflowers In The Rain

October 3, 2010
By Bronte_Elise PLATINUM, Moore, Oklahoma
Bronte_Elise PLATINUM, Moore, Oklahoma
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Ernest Hemingway (1898-1961)

Our hands brush against each other,

filling me with static,

wild in my stomach.

As the lights go out,

the stars begin to fall,

and my joy comes to a close.

The color-filled flowers in my mind begin to wilt,

and I watch as you slowly move away.

The spotlights in my eyes begin to flicker,

and the glee I had moments ago fades,

and waits for tomorrow.

Everyday comes with a new hope for the orchestra to once again conduct itself,

filling my ears with beauty.

A simple brush makes a girl go crazy,

but of course men are oblivious to our excitement.

You've got me lost in a trance.

So, my dear,

I ask that you brush once more,

and make the wild flowers bloom again.

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