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I'll Be There

October 3, 2010
By soccer_star4GOD SILVER, Bradford, Kentucky
soccer_star4GOD SILVER, Bradford, Kentucky
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When life is at a standstill
I'll help you pull through
Or when your life gets too hard
I'll be praying for you

When you have a hard time seeing the good
I'll be your seeing eye dog
When you no longer have the strength to stand
I'll be the shoulder to lean on

When other's words pierce you like a sword
I'll be your neosporin and band aid
When your heart in broken in two
I'll be your helping of chocolate and your bottle of glue

When you can't find words to say
I will hand you your script
And with God's help I can fix
Whatever is cracked or chipped

I love you my friend
And know I'm always there
To help you in a storm
And know I ALWAYS care <3

The author's comments:
I've gone through some pretty tough circumstances, and although God has given me the strength to get through them, He has also lead some pretty important people in my life to help me along the way. Now I want to be there for someone else, to help them get through trials. With God's help, I may do that :)

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