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October 1, 2010
By Kayseababy143 SILVER, Torrington, Connecticut
Kayseababy143 SILVER, Torrington, Connecticut
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Drown me in the sorrow, drown me in the pain, and drown me in the self confidence you've ever let me gain.

A girl who has a desire to live life in her own way, create herself uniquely. She hasn't seen everything in life, due to the fact of only being the age 15, but shes determined to see everything she can before her time is up.

She hasn't been through all the tough times in life but she's been through enough to say, that she's ready for what life throws at her next; she's up for the challenge to prove that she knows what she wants in life and where she wants to be.

Writing and photography are her most deepest passions's. Turning the age 18 and traveling Rome to see what exquisite pleasures await her there, are what bring her the most happiness of growing up.

She only has one fear; and its the fear of knowing what other people are thinking, not of what they are thinking about her, but what their minds are thinking in general.

There's only one person she truely tells her feelings and most inner thoughts too, in which she hopes they stay in a safe place.

She might not be the prettiest, but she has enough confidence to know what other people think really doesnt matter, and she has enough dignity to move on in life without all the ignorance around her.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when one day i was thinking and really started to realize what my lifes really about and whats out there ahead of me that i just recognize.

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